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In which we learn that their son is in fact named Harry. You can hear Jack laughing very loudly in the background.

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BOOK group star Michelle Gomez has revealed she will never work with her heart-throb actor husband Jack Davenport.

The Scots beauty says she and This Life star Jack, who is shooting Hollywood blockbuster Pirates Of The Caribbean with Johnny Depp, had taken a vow to keep their working lives separate.

Glaswegian Michelle, who stars as wealthy footballer's wife Janice in the Channel 4 cult comedy drama, said: "There's no chance at all we will work together. We won't do it, no matter what.

"We want to keep our personal life personal. It's the sanest way to stay married in this industry."

Michelle, 30, said she was delighted to get glammed up as a footballer's wife for The Book Group and even took advice from the real thing.

She said: "I can't say who, but we spoke to real footballers' wives. They were great women and I think they were happy with their portrayal."

Michelle added: "There's a definite edge to my face which is why I get edgy roles. You can abseil off my features. I'm cast in dark, different and twisted roles because of the way I look.

"Jack would be terrified to work with the likes of me."

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And here's Mrs. Davenport naked.....

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I think Michelle's brilliant. She would so be a friend of mine (if I ever met her and we lived on the same continent.
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Scan of ES Magazine January 9, 2009. Michelle looks very pretty here and talks about Jack and her enjoying "packing". I wonder what that's code for?

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Michelle won rave reviews for her turn as the shrew in The Taming of the Shrew. Atlantis this isn't the article I told you about, I haven't had a chance to scan that one yet.

Scan of Daily Telegraph 4-26-08

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Michelle in a very funny clip from Wedding Belles....
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This is just a little clip from the Book Group. The first time I ever saw Michelle Gomez. I didn't know she was Jack's wife then. This show was terrific. The "T" is there for a reason. lol.

And yes House fans, that is Amber.
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One of the funniest scenes of Michelle Gomez in Green Wing.

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Michelle Gomez is getting Rave Reviews for her Kate in the Taming of the Shrew. I wish I could get there to see it. Here's the review from What's on Stage.


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